Wayward Pines
Fox series 'Wayward Pines' will be back with episode 6 titled 'Choices' on Thursday, 25 June, at 9pm.Facebook/Wayward Pines

When "Wayward Pines" returns on Fox with episode 6, titled "Choices", this Thursday, 25 June, at 9 pm, it will not just reveal some crucial details of the town, but will also leave Sheriff Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) and his son Ben (Charlie Tahan) on crossroads as they will have to take the most important decisions of their lives.

While the Sheriff finds it difficult to decide whether to help Dr Jenkins aka David Pilcher (Toby Jones) in saving humanity or secretly escape from the place with his family, his son takes a call on representing the future of "Wayward Pines".

In one of the trailers for episode 6, Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo) tells Ethan, "Since you came here, you have been trying to save yourself, save your wife, save your beautiful son, it's quiet commendable. Wayward Pines is bigger than you, bigger than them, it's bigger than anyone of us. David needs you now. He needs you to take responsibility for all of Wayward Pines."

So it could not be very difficult for Dillon's character to betray everyone after knowing the history of the town and taking a tour of the various things that manage the operations of it. But, he may have no choice after Theresa Burke (Shannyn Sossamon) gets into trouble while investigating a mysterious plot of land.

Although it is not clear whether Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino) and Harold Ballinger (Reed Diamond) have anything to do with the faith of the Burke family, the official synopsis of episode 6 states the two will plan a covert operation.

Meanwhile, fans of "Wayward Pines" may also get to watch an encounter between Burke and Abbies or aberrations in the upcoming sequel of Fox thriller, which will be live streamed here.