Mouse, viral video
A mouse gets punished for 'stealing' food in Mysuru; video goes viralFacebook

What will you do if your kid steals some food? You might warn him not to do so or just close your eyes as if it was not a mistake at all. How about a street child stealing it from a shop? He might be punished for the 'mistake' that he committed after starving for days. What if an animal sneaks in and eats your food?

What a shopkeeper in Mysuru, Karnataka, did to a mouse for stealing eatables from his shop may sound cruel and unbelievable.

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In a shocking video that is doing the rounds on social media, a rodent is seen tied to a jar with green strings attached to its limbs. And the sadistic man mercilessly beats the creature so hard that the jar even falls down.

"Will you eat gram flour and wheat again?" Melahalli Ramanna, who runs a grocery shop in Mysuru is heard saying in the video, while his friend films the disturbing visuals. The rodent caught using a trap for destroying many items in the shop every night, is heard weeping whenever it is beaten.

The video has gone viral and garnered a negative response from social media users, who criticised the shopkeeper for his stupid way of 'teaching' an animal about its 'mistake'.

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"How can you say that the mouse stole the food? This is their natural way to fill their stomach. It would have been better if the rodent was killed using some poison than beating like this. Will the animal learn just because it was beaten for 'stealing' food? It is not a human being to understand all these," Anooja J reacted to the viral video.

"I hate mice, I am not an animal lover at all, but this is so disgusting," commented a netizen. "There are 2 types of human the ones with integrity and humanity there are others like a piece of dirt who should be put to sleep for good," another said.

After getting punished, what would have happened to that rodent? Its fate is unknown. How sadistic can a person be? Decide yourself.

Watch the video here (Disclaimer: The visuals might be disturbing):