On The Way To The Airport
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After watching the finale of On The Way To the Airport, the fans of Choi Soo-ah and Seo Do-woo are eager to know if the two will return onscreen with season 2. Since the period drama concluded the storyline by featuring a happy ending for them, speculations suggest that KBS might feature a new couple in the next instalment.

Episode 16 began by showing the female lead struggling to adjust in her lonely life after she sent her daughter Hyo-eun to New Zealand. The former flight attendant even asks the part-time university lecturer to give her some time to take the decision.

In the meantime, she tries to contact her husband Park Jin-seok to settle things, but he ignores her calls. The pilot even asks his colleague Song Mi-jin not to inform his wife that he is in town, but she says, "I texted her saying you are here. Do listen to her. Don't run away." So he goes home and tries to settle down things by forcing his decisions on his wife.

Things take a turn for the worst after Shin Sung-rok's character finds his wife with her lover at a restaurant. He breaks down and admits to his former girlfriend that Hyo-eun's mother was always precious to him. But she reminds him, "If she was so precious, you should have been good to her."

The series of events affect Soo-ah badly and she starts to believe that she is hurting her family members for her own selfish reasons to be happy. She asks more time from Do-woo and he agrees. The story ends with a reunion of the onscreen couple at the airport again.

Since then rumour mills are on an overdrive with a new storyline for On The Way To The Airport season 2. However, the fans will have to wait for an official confirmation from KBS to find out more about the next instalment.