A watchman in Indore has turned into a hero by fighting a leopard. A video clip of his fight has been recorded and has gone viral since.

The villager named Balram fought bravely when a leopard entered the village. He fought with a stick and scared away the wild animal to a nearby jungle. This incident took place at Olani village, Mhow tehsil in Indore district, Madhya Pradesh.

Watchman Battles with Leopard
A screen shot of the video.Youtube

The fully grown leopard strayed into the village on Monday evening, according to The Times of India source. Even as villagers tried to scare away the beast, the watchman decided to charge the animal.

Though he only had a stick to take on the leopard, he tried to strike the animal. But it charged at him and brought him on to the ground. However, the watchman's undying spirit to fight made the animal run away and fortunately he did not suffer any injury.

Now the villagers want the government to recognise his bravery and reward him for saving the people from the leopard attack. It is reported that leopards live in closer by forests and often enter the village in search of food.

 Watch the video below: