In an interesting video that has started doing the rounds on social media, West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle is seen imitating none other than Malayalam superstar Mohanlal.

The cricketer imitates the superstar with his iconic "Narasimham" dialogue "Ne Po Mone Dinesha" at a private FM station in Dubai. Even when a person asked him to repeat the dialogue the way they taught him, he does with proper gestures like Mohanlal.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by a channel InFilm Productions and it has been shared by celebs Aju Varghese and Krishna Prabha on their Facebook pages.

Meanwhile, Gayle, who is the brand ambassador of Kerala Cricket League (KCL), a Dubai-based Twenty20 competition, is in the city to promote the upcoming event. The fourth edition of KCL will be held in Dubai from 13 November to 18 December.

Watch the video below':