On the way to the airport
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Choi Soo-ah will have to make the most important decision of her life in On The Way To The Airport episode 16. The finale will be aired this Thursday, November 10, at 10pm KST on KBS2.

The veteran flight attendant finds it difficult to make a choice between her daughter Park Hyo-eun and the university lecturer Seo Do-woo. She loves her daughter, but she wants to stay with the architect for the rest of her life. Moreover, she knows that a trip to New Zealand is a trap set by her husband Park Jin-seok.

Episode 15 showed her sitting at the airport alone and regretting her decision to send Hyo-eun alone to New Zealand. She even remembers the promise that she made to Do woo about her return to Jeju Island. During her difficult times, the female lead has always called her friend Song Mi-jin for help. This time around she might call her again for a suggestion.

Although Mi-jin and Choi Je-ah are well aware of the evil doings of Jin-seok, they may suggest Soo-ah to be with her daughter even if she cannot stay happy with her husband. The finale might also feature a reunion between Do-woo and his ex-wife Kim Hye-won.

Since KBS is yet to release the official trailer for the next episode, there are no further details available. The followers of the period drama will have to watch the finale to know what lies ahead for the onscreen couple. Click here to watch On The Way To The Airport episode 16 live online. The finale will also be available online here.