In last week's NBC's "The Voice US" Season 10 Top 10 performances, Nick Hagelin from Christina Aguilera's team survived in the Instant Save round, that saw the departure of another member of Team Christina, Daniel Passino. However, whether he will make it through the Top 9 in episode 23 or not, will be seen once the episode airs.

After Passino's exit, Team Pharrell has all its hope with Hannah Huston as she is the only remaining member of the team. Viewers are looking forward to watch her performance in Week 5 and know about her fate in the upcoming episode.

Passino had a bad health during "The Voice US" Season 10 live shows that clearly affected his performance during the Top 10 rounds too. After a not-so-good rendition of "Uptown Funk," he was eliminated in the Instant Save round.

It seems that Pharrell was also not much happy with Passino's performance as instead of requesting fans to save Passino with the Instant Save, he emphasised more on how Passino should be proud of his accomplishments.

Though Passino said that he had a "wonderful relationship" with his coach, he looked clearly disappointed by Pharrell's behaviour towards him.

In an interview with Reality TV World, he said: "My own coach didn't really — not that he didn't stick up for me, but he didn't... I mean, I think that was evident too on Tuesday with the results show. There were three coaches vouching for Nick — who did a phenomenal job, let me add, a phenomenal job -- but you had three coaches vouching for Nick. You had Christina standing on her chair telling everyone to vote for Nick. When it was my turn, it was almost [the opposite]... My brother described [Pharrell's speech about me] as a 'eulogy,' you know what I mean? But it's alright."

The top 9 contestants will perform on episode 23 and 24 on May 9 and 10 respectively to move ahead to week 6. Which of the artists will make it to next week, will be seen after the elimination rounds in Episode 24.

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