The latest instalment of "Vikings" includes a healthy dose of sibling rivalry. In Season 4 episode 7 titled "The Profit and the Loss," brothers Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen) meet each other on the battlefield. But it remains to be seen if one of them dies in the end.

[Spoiler Alert]

The strain in Ragnar and Rollo's relationship has always been evident. The younger brother became an avowed enemy of the Norseman when he owed his allegiance to Frankia. Rollo's new and empowered position in Paris gives his brother enough reasons to snatch all that he holds dear, but can Ragnar be victorious?

Fans of the show will remember Rollo himself was part of the Vikings clan and may deploy his forces to use the same battle techniques against his brother. If this does happen, then both sides have an equal chance at victory.

On Ragnar's side, the desire to win is almost palpable. In the promo, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) looks bloodthirsty when he urges his father to attack Paris. He says, "We have waited three days for a plan of attack. What is your decision?"

However, the video clip also foreshadows the idea of death in episode 7. A voice over says, "Death is on its way." Could this perhaps indicate that Ragnar may not survive?

Showrunner Michael Hirst told the Hollywood Reporter that Ragnar will die in Season 4. He added, "I've always seen Vikings without Ragnar. I thought it was very important when I started thinking about this whole thing that Ragnar had many sons and some of his sons became more famous than he was."

"Vikings" Season 4 episode 7 airs 10 p.m. EST Thursday, March 29 on History Channel. You can live-stream the episode via History Channel's website.