The home video footage featuring a Dobby-look-alike creature has garnered 9 million views on its original Facebook post. Facebook

A home camera footage of an elf-like creature resembling the Harry Potter character Dobby has fascinated the netizens with the original Facebook post attracting more than 9 million views as of Tuesday, June 11. 

Posted by Vivian Gomez on June 6, the 10-seconds video shows a creature with drooping ears and bended knees flailing its arms as it walked in front of a parked car before disappearing.

Gomez expressed her perplexment in the post by writing that she noticed the shadow walking in front of her front door and mentioned that the other two cameras didn't record the same footage.

On Twitter, the video was shared by user @jadynbee_ generated close to 30 million views, memes, scepticism and claims of Dobby being "finally free!" dominated the discussions on the social networking site. 

References to Dobby were the most widely shared posts. While some users claimed that the creature is actually Kretcher, another elf character from the Harry Potter universe, some joked that Dobby the actor is actually alive.

Some users expressed that they felt scared after watching the video while others grabbed the perfect opportunity to crack jokes while attempting to debunk the mysterious footage.