• Anu Aunty Video
    Anu Aunty - The Engineering AnthemYouTube screenshot
  • Anu Aunty - The Engineering Anthem
    Anu Aunty - The Engineering AnthemYouTube screenshot

Once you complete your tenth grade, if you do not choose science branch for PU, there might be many who question your intellectual capacity.

After PU, only two options will be given to you, either MBBS or engineering. Once you complete your studies, people will ask you whether you got placed in any company. Soon, you will be forced to marry someone and within a year, you will be tortured to have a baby soon.

This is a common practice that is seen in most parts of India and there are so many 'Anu aunties' in the country, who believe that dreams of the young minds are a waste of time. 

In a recent music video Varun Agarwal, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Alma Mater Store from Bangalore, has highlighted these issues of the society. The video titled "Anu Aunty- An Engineering Anthem", uploaded on YouTube on 29 December, has gone viral and has received more than one lakh hits within two days.

The music video is based on a book written by Varun, "How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company", which was published in 2012.

The music video, starring Sumukhi Suresh as Anu aunty and Varun in the main roles has been directed by Sam Mohan and Varun. The video also stars Sanjay Manaktala, Brodha V, Parveen Kumar (Pundit), Sundeep Rao, Nikitha Dattatri, Priyanka Garg and Varun Rajagopalan among others.

Watch the Video Below: