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Thursday's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" will see Damon gearing up to hurt yet another Heretic in a bid to get Lily to confess where she has hidden Elena's body.

A promo for the upcoming episode shows Damon attacking Oscar, one of Lily's children who has been away on an errand since the season premiere. "You will not lay a hand on another member of my family," Lily says to Damon, to which he replies: "Give me Elena. Maybe I won't kill him."

Reportedly, the third episode of the season will feature a flashback that will delve into Lily's past. Viewers will also see how and when Stefan and Valerie met each other for the first time.

"It's shaping out how our normal seasons go," executive producer Caroline Dries told The Hollywood Reporter. "Episode [three] will be a flashback episode. We have one coming up in a little while. But it's just little flavors."

"Lily gives us this great [gateway] into seeing her old-school life," she continued. "The boys existed in that world as well, we just didn't realize it. We're always looking for an excuse to do a flashback story, and the reality is we've exhausted the Salvatore boys' life. We know every year of their life. She does allow us the excuse to tell more stories in the past."

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According to the official synopsis for "Age of Innocence", episode 3 will see Damon setting off on a road trip with his friends Alaric and Bonnie in a bid to find someone or something that could be used against Lily.

Alaric will also confess to Bonnie that he lied about destroying the phoenix stone.

"Meanwhile, Caroline, who is being held hostage by the Heretics, learns some shocking information about Valerie's past, while Stefan learns a few unexpected details about his own past from Lily," the synopsis reads.