"Unforgettable", the American crime procedural drama that was cancelled by CBS, has been rescued and resurrected by A&E, and it is all set to premiere its season 4 on 27 November, 2015. The show will debut the 13-episode season 4 by airing two episodes back-to-back.

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According to various reports, the show has undergone a major cast revamp during its hiatus, but the lead characters -- Poppy Montgomery (Carrie Wells) and Dylan Walsh (Al Burns) -- will surely be back. The newcomers on the show include Alani Anthony (Power) Kathy Najimy (Veep) and EJ Bonilla (Revenge). In addition to this, Skeet Ulrich, Rachel Dratch and Ashanti will be seen as guest stars.

"Unforgettable" revolves around the life of a mismatched pair of detectives -- Carrie Wells and Dylan Walsh. Wells is a female detective who has an extremely rare photographic memory that allows her to recall events by date in detail, and she is joined by a partner (Walsh), who also happens to be Carrie's ex-boyfriend, NYPD's Al Burns.

In the premiere episode, titled "Blast from the Past", we will see NYPD detective Carrie Wells will be celebrating her high-flying career and making headlines as New York's most efficient cop, but her success will be challenged as she will face some of the most complicated cases of her career.

The premiere will be followed by episode 2, titled "Gut Check".

Synopsis for "Blast from the Past" reads: "Carrie's long-lost husband resurfaces to investigate a meth crew from Daytona Beach, but the team soon learn they are distributing something far more dangerous."

Synopsis for "Gut Check" reads: "The team encounter a cartel and a hit man who killed two security guards protecting a star witness in a high-profile securities fraud case."

"Unforgettable" season 4 will premiere episode 1 and 2 on 27 November, 2015, on A&E at 8pm and 9pm respectively.