"Undateable" returns on NBC with new surprises for viewers in its third season as it goes live with audience participation, standup comics, extended scenes, social media interactions and much more.

The premiere episode is titled "A Will They Walks Into a Bar" and it will have Norwegian singing and songwriting duo, Nico & Vinz in guest appearance. 

The official synopsis of episode 1 reads: "Danny (Chris D'Elia) decides to interfere as Justin (Brent Morin) and Candace (Bridgit Mendler) are on the verge of making things official. Burski (Rick Glassman) surprises everyone that when he announces he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) decides it's time to change up her look."

CLICK HERE to watch the one-hour special premiere episode of season 3 live on NBC at 8pm on Friday, 9 October.

Meanwhile, cast member Brent Morin, who portrays Justin Kearney, opined that the idea of going live and social media interactions might attract more younger viewers to the show. " [The new format] who don't watch much network TV and might turn off a multi-cam show, thinking it seemed dated," he told St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Explaining further about the new season of NBC comedy series, the actor said: "We're going to mess up. That's probably what the audience will like best. The writers will throw us curve balls and we'll have to try to get out of whatever situation we find ourselves in. It's like improv — panic improv."

NBC will air 'Undateable' season 3 premiere, titled 'A Will They Walks Into a Bar' at 8pm on Friday, 9 October.