Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29
Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29BBC

The controversies surrounding the ongoing Season 23 keep gaining intensity as fans' yearning for former presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May gets louder. It looks like the trio is going to give the people what they really want, and collaborate again.

Although fans would like for Clarkson, Hammond and May to return as the hosts of "Top Gear," that may not be a possibility considering how their tenure ended. Clarkson was accused of punching the show's producer Oisin Tymon, who was treated in the hospital and the obviously enraged host left the show with Hammond and May in toe.

Now, the trio is apparently going to launch a social network for cars, which is expected to launch by autumn according to Digital Trends. The social network, named DriveTribe, will be a space where motoring enthusiasts can meet and share items of common interests.

"This is pure digital inclusivity. Some of the world's most endangered tribes — Volvo enthusiasts, for example — will now have a voice as loud as everyone else's," explains May. Or, you can think of DriveTribe as YouPorn with cars, as Clarkson does.

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While the previous presenters of "Top Gear" prepare for the launch of this new venture, things are going from bad to worse for the current host Chris Evans, whose hosting skills most fans seem to dislike. The 50-year-old is going to be quizzed by London's Metropolitan Police regarding sexual assault allegations.

According to The Sun, the accusation against Evans comes from a former colleague who worked with Evans in the 1990s and says that he grabbed her breasts and bullied her after she rejected his advances.

She further added that he also flashed her almost every day for two years. "I have no idea if he was getting some gratification out of this, but he used to get his penis out every time I saw him," she said, adding that her complaints during the time were ignored, leaving her traumatised and dependant on anti-depressants.

Season 23 "Top Gear," meanwhile continues to air regular episodes amid these controversies, with epsiode 6 airing on Sunday, July 3. It will be available for viewing via BBC Two channel and iPlayer.