Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29
Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29BBC

The wait for "Top Gear," one the most popular shows about cars, is finally over, and Season 23 with a new co-host will begin on Sunday, May 29. Episode 1 will also see celebrity guest stars Jesse Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsay.

According to the official synopsis for Season 23 episode 1 of "Top Gear," Chris Evans will battle German professional motor racing driver Sabine Schmitz in Nevada. It is understood that Evans drives a Dodge Viper ACR, while Schmitz will be racing in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Meanwhile, the new host, and "FRIENDS" star Matt LeBlanc will be seen cruising through the Moroccan desert in an Ariel Nomad. A clip of LeBlanc taking the beauty for a spin has been shared by BBC via YouTube.

After this, LeBlanc and Evans drive a pair of roofless Reliant Rialtos in rain-soaked Britain. It is certainly time for a U.S. vs U.K. challenge, and the two men who will be joining in time are Lex Luthor from "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" Jessie Eisenberg and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The new season is marred with controversies, especially because of the rumours regarding former host Jeremy Clarklson's departure. LeBlanc caught even more flak when he reportedly crashed a wedding while filming the show.

Don't forget to watch the premiere of "Top Gear" Season 23 on Sunday, May 29. You can watch it via BBC Two channel or live stream it using iPlayer.