It has been a while since "Top Chef" aired on TV, so we can't help but be excited for the latest episode of Season 13. The remaining contestants on the cooking reality show have an arduous task ahead, and if the promo is any indicator of what's to happen, suffice to say fans of the show can experience drama, glamour and romance.

"Top Chef" Season 13 Episode 5 takes place in Palm Springs, California, otherwise known as the date capital of the US. If you are confused, we are talking about the crinkly brown fruit. Presiding over this challenge is John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen. Anyone who is a devout follower of the actress' Instagram account would know she loves to cook and is often seen whipping up dishes that look delicious. According to the synopsis, Chrissy Teigen will be the judge of a quick-fire challenge.

Later on in the episode, the contestants are required to cater a wedding which includes 25 gay couples. This will perhaps be one of the most emotional elimination challenges of the season so far.

According to TV Guide, the synopsis of Season 13 Episode 5, titled "Big Gay Wedding", reads:

Top dishes for dates are served up by the chefs in Palm Springs, Cal. Later, they cater a wedding for 25 gay couples. Appearing: Model Chrissy Teigen and foodie Art Smith.

"Top Chef" Season 13 Episode 5 airs on Thursday, 7 January at 10 pm on Bravo. You can live-stream the episode online here.

Watch the promo here: