A man filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend as he was skydiving at 12,500 ft.
A man filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend as he was skydiving at 12,500 ft.YouTube Screen Shot

This could be called the most thrilling marriage proposal anyone could ever have.

A man filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend of 18 months after skydiving at 12,500 ft, before he watched his dangerously romantic proposal stunt becoming embarrassing as the ring he was holding slipped through his hand and the duo dropped on the ground at a staggering speed.

But it was soon revealed that the dropping of the ring was all part of the dramatic plan.

The man, identified as Brandon Strohbehn had intentionally dropped the ring mid-air as he proposed, and secretly told his friends and family members to meet the couple on the ground after they land, where he proposed his lady love once again – this time with the real ring!

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"The couple who have been together for eighteen months, are both veterans of 224 skydives. But this is one jump they will never forget," an audio commentary within the video says.

Having been experts in skydiving and parachuting, Brandon is likely to have thought it as the perfect way to propose his fiancé.

It is revealed that his brother arranged the presence of all his family members when the pair landed in San Diego, where the woman – Nicole – thankfully said yes.

Meanwhile, the one-minute-45-second video has been going quite viral clocking more than 36,000 views, one day after it was posted by Barcroft TV channel on Monday.

"Did you know that anyone with high levels of adrenalin rushing in their circulation is more likely to say yes? Less expensive idea is to take your victim, I mean, bride on a roller coaster ride...Same Stuff...Unless they are well versed with physiology...Haha," commented an individual called 'Nevo Lloyd Del Castillo, after watching the video on You Tube.

Another person named 'Kipp Pudd' joked: "Would have been better if both of their parachutes didn't work."

"Darn it! I tried to shoot his parachute with my AK-47. Turns out I shot the rign out of his hand," was another quip from a viewer.