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A sneak peek of Tuesday's episode of NBC's This Is Us will see Justin Hartley's Kevin worrying about his next step after walking out of The Manny. Kevin was exhilarated to leave the sitcom, but he seems to doubt his decision in episode 2 titled The Big Three.

"They own me, sis. I don't know what I'm gonna do," he tells Kate, and she urges him to reach out to other network executives who may have something better for him. But Kate's confidence falters when he asks her to accompany him to a Hollywood party and give him moral support.

Elsewhere in the episode, we'll see new parents Rebecca and Jack struggling to raise children and it looks like parenting is going to take its toll on their relationship. The second episode will feature a time-jump and we see the trio as eight year olds.

"So Mandy and Milo's story is the story of a young couple raising a family, but that storyline will jump around in time," showrunner Dan Fogelman revealed to The Hollywood Reporter last week. "It won't just be the couple taking the babies home from the hospital, it's going to be the story of marriage and family. The pilot may have ended with them having the babies, but the second episode starts in 1988 and you see them eight years after having those kids. Then the third episode will go right back to the day they brought the babies home from the hospital."

The synopsis of The Big Three reads: Kate gets support from her new boyfriend as she struggles to lose weight; Beth questions the motives of Randall's biological father, William; marriage and raising three children begin to take a toll on Rebecca and Jack.

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