Temperature Of Love
Will On Jung Seon break up with Lee Hyun Soo for Park Jung Woo?Twitter/SBS

Temperature Of Love, the SBS melodrama, will be back with episodes 21 and 22 this Tuesday, October 24, at 10 PM KST. These episodes will focus on the love triangle between On Jung Seon, Lee Hyun Soo and Park Jung Woo.

Jung Seon, a chef, now knows that his friend and businessman, Jung Woo, is a secret admirer of his girlfriend, Hyun Soo (a screenwriter). The chef desperately wants to find out if the businessman knew about their relationship when he decided to propose her at Good Soup restaurant.

In the promo, Jung Seon asks Jung Woo, "Did you know that I was dating Hyun Soo?" When the businessman admits that he knew about it, the chef curiously asks him the reason for seeking his advice for proposing her. "I know it wouldn't change anything no matter who gets involved," Jung Woo replies.

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When the chef sees his girlfriend with the businessman again, he gets worried and decides to remind Jung Woo about their relationship. "I already know. Are you telling me because you are insecure? Isn't it childish? This is how it's like to fight for blind love. Can you handle it?" the businessman calmly replies.

The video then shows Jung Woo and Hyun Soo going to Good Soup restaurant for a dinner again. The outing makes the screenwriter uncomfortable. "I didn't do anything wrong, but I feel guilty," she tells the businessman.

The preview also teases some unexpected challenges for Ji Hong Ah, the aspiring screenwriter. The video shows Lim Soo Jung telling Hong Ah to be good to Choi Won Joon or leave him alone. "Let me have him. You wouldn't keep him anyway," Soo Jung says in the footage.

Click here to watch Temperature Of Love episodes 21 and 22 tonight at 10 pm KST on SBS. The mini-series will also be available online on video-streaming sites Viki and DramaFever.

Watch the trailer below: