It is an exciting time for the fans of "Teen Wolf". The second half of season 5 returns to television screens, and with it, the dangers that threaten Beacon Hill; and it is expected to be horrific and unnerving. The "Teen Wolf" season 5B midseason premiere's plot is an exposition into the lives of Scott's (Tylor Posey) pack, Theo's (Cody Christian) pack , Stiles' (Dylan O'Brian) father, Hayden and Liam who try and tackle this season's villain: The Beast.

In the promo for season 5B premiere (episode 11), Hayden (Victoria Moroles), who resurrects from the dead is forced into a conversation with Liam (Dylan Sprayberry). The latter is surprised to find his girlfriend and as he begins to ask her more questions, their brief conversation is disrupted by The Beast. The two run into the woods and are confused about who or what is attacking them.

Elsewhere on the episode, Stiles' father, the Sheriff (Linden Ashbey), is in the hospital. The law enforcement official, who is barely alive, battles an infection that debilitates his condition. The "Teen Wolf" season 5B trailer hints at a discord between Scott and Stiles, but we predict that the two will overcome their differences to save Beacon Hill's Sheriff.

Actor Tylor Posey, in a recent interview, said that relationships between members of his pack are complicated in season 5B. When the show returns to screens, "his [Taylor Posey] character will have to claw his way back up from his lowest point yet," reported The Wrap.

According to TV Guide, "Teen Wolf" season 5B's synopsis reads:

In the Season 5 winter premiere, Scott and Stiles struggle to put aside their differences to find the cause of the sheriff's infection before it kills him.

"Teen Wolf" season 5B premiere titled "The Last Chimera" will be aired on Tuesday, 5 January, at 9pm on MTV. You can livestream the episode here

Watch the "Teen Wolf" season 5B promo here: