It would be difficult to find a town as dangerous as Beacon Hill. The fictional town, which is home to Scott, Stiles, Theo and the rest of the supernatural creatures in MTV's "Teen Wolf", is under threat from the Dread Doctors and this season's villain, Beast of Gevaudan. Although they don't know it yet, we can predict that they will meet the Beast in season 5 episode 12 titled "Damnatio Memoriae".

In season 5 episode 11, Theo (Cody Christian) tells Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) that his dad, Sheriff Stalinski, would no longer be the Sheriff if he survives the dreadful attack that he was the target of. Following this horrifying revelation, Scott and Stiles try to save the Sheriff and he survives, asking feebly to Stiles, "You still got me?"

Stiles may still have a father to look up to, but his life is in danger. In the promo for the latest episode, this season's villain makes his way to Beacon Hill Memorial and the hospital is under imminent threat.

What does the Beast want from Sheriff Stalinski? The episode's title, "Damnatio Memoriae", indicates that someone will die in episode 12. The latin phrase translates to "condemnation of memory". In other words, it is an attempt to erase someone's existence and the memories attached to that person.

According to the synopsis for season 5 episode 12, Scott (Tyler Posey) faces the Dread Doctors alone. Although there isn't much information on the plot, it is suffice to say that Scott's admirable intention to brave them alone will answer their questions like what's going to happen in Beacon Hill. It appears that the Beast of Gevaudan and his motives will also be revealed in this episode.

However, before any of this can take place, Scott asks Malia (Shelley Hennig) to assist him in his investigation, but she offers little help. In the promo for season 5 episode 12, Malia says that she is going to do something that Scott will not appreciate.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Hennig said that her character will kill her mother, Desert Wolf, in season 5B. Hennig said, "I feel like the Desert Wolf wants to mess with her a little more, but Malia's intention is to straight-up kill her. This woman has essentially messed up her life and her family. Everything in Malia's life has been shaped by what the Desert Wolf has done to her, and Malia has nothing to lose."

Elsewhere in episode 12, Scott's girlfriend Kira (Arden Cho) will return from New Mexico and according to Executive Producer Jeff Davis, the two are still together.

"Teen Wolf" season 5 episode 12 will be aired on Tuesday, 12 January, at 9pm on MTV. You can live stream the episode online here. Watch the promo video below: