Teen Mom OG
Catelynn returns home from the rehab.Facebook/Teen Mom

Expect to see a happy reunion in the latest instalment of Teen Mom OG. In season 6 episode 7, Catelynn Lowell returns home to a husband who is more than glad to see her.

[Spoiler Alert]

Catelynn, who checks herself into rehab for anxiety and depression, gets greeted by Teen Mom OG producer, Jessica, in season 6 episode 7. Although this makes Catelynn happy, it doesn't end there. 

The reality star is greeted by her husband Tyler Baltierra, who takes the pain to decorate the house with flowers and also places a card addressed to his wife. 

Catelynn, overwhelmed by his effort, sits down to read her husband's note, and almost gets teary-eyed. Reason? Tyler says he's inspired by her courage and her decision to work on herself. 

"I am honoured to call you my wife and love you beyond words. You are amazing and you're strong; you're gorgeous and brave, caring and nurturing... and more importantly, worthy of love," he writes in the card.

Catelynn, who is touched by Tyler, reaches in for a hug that lasts for a really long time. In the end, an emotional Catelynn tries to lighten the mood by stating, "You smell good.I haven't smelt a man in a month."

While Catelynn is evidently happy to be home, Amber Portwood welcomes her daughter Leah to her new home. In season 6 episode 7, Amber's ex Gary Shirley brings their daughter to Amber's house and although he isn't excited to take a tour of the new place, Leah is.

Amber's 7-year-old daughter squeals when she sees her new bedroom and almost doesn't want to see her dad off. And Gary, for the most part, is happy to see Leah excited.

Teen Mom OG season 6 episode 7 will be aired at 9 pm EST on Monday, September 26 on MTV. You can stream the episode via MTV's website