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Kailyn Lowry's marriage with Javi is certainly blissful. However, their happiness is challenged in "Teen Mom 2" Season 7 episode 6 titled "Hindsight."

The latest instalment of the MTV reality TV series focuses on Javi's last night with his family. What's supposed to be a tearful farewell dinner turns into a pragmatic conversation about face-time and the duration of his absence.

If there's one person who exhibits any emotions, it is their son, Isaac. He is clearly shocked to hear that his father will be leaving them soon. Between tears, Isaac says, "I thought you were leaving in March." However, his mother comforts him by stating that they will always keep in touch.   

Meanwhile, "Teen Mom 2" cast member Leah wants to get back with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. The two meet for dinner, which gradually turns into a night of horror. They easily descend into their past and relive painful memories. Leah says that the separation pained her but Jeremy says that he spent nights feeling scared for the girls when Leah's mental health was precarious.

"There's no excuse for the mistakes I've made but I wonder where we would be had we been together during my treatment," she says.

Leah's effort to get back together with Jeremy doesn't work out, and perhaps episode 6 of the TV show captures her during one of the lowest periods of her life.

"Teen Mom 2" Season 2 episode 6 airs 10 p.m. EST on Monday, April 18, on MTV. You can live-stream the episode via MTV's website.