Kailyn Lowry
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Children are often confused when their parents fight. And this is what Kailyn Lowry's son Issac experiences in the latest instalment of "Teen Mom 2" Season 7 episode 3 titled "Breaking Apart."

Kailyn's relationship with her ex Jo Rivera has always been strained. The cast member has had to deal with his quirks and inconsistencies. For a brief while, it seemed as though the reality stars buried their differences and tried to be responsible parents, but a simple fight triggers the rage and animosity they seem to harbour.

In episode 3, Kailyn and Jo have a huge fight and standing in their midst is their 6-year-old son, Isaac. Although he doesn't say anything while hearing his parents argue, Kailyn has a serious conversation with Isaac.

She explains that they love him no matter how much they fight, but she adds, "I don't want you to talk to people the way that Daddy talked to me." Isaac, who seems mature for his age, tells her that he won't treat women the wrong way.

Meanwhile, cast Leah Messer hears the court's ruling in the custody case. The 23-year-old mother of three is upset that her ex-husband Corey Simms has primary custody of twins, Ali and Aleeah. "It's F----- up," she says. However, her kids seem to be happy with their dad.

Season 7 episode 3's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

"Leah learns the outcome of her custody case; Kailyn and Jo's renewed friendship is threatened by a huge fight; Jenelle introduces her new boyfriend to Barb; and Chelsea is upset by Adam's online behavior."

"Teen Mom 2" Season 7 episode 3 airs 10 p.m. EST Monday, April 4, on MTV. You can live-stream the episode via MTV's website.