If reality TV star Leah Messer feels cornered by her ex-husband Corey Simms and wife Miranda, she can draw comfort from the fact that her mother is always by her side. The latest promo clip for "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 reunion special hints at Leah's mom, Dawn Spears's unflinching support for a daughter who is just back from rehab and is undergoing therapy for anxiety issues.

In the promo clip, Corey and Leah get into a heated argument about Miranda, infidelity, Leah's daughters and her alleged drug addiction. When Corey says, "If I did half the s--t she's done, I wouldn't see my kids," his ex-wife uses her safe word, "Monkey." Although Corey continues his sentence, a woman in the audience yells, "She said monkey!"

While fans of the reality show wonder who the woman is, Starcasm claimed that the person in question is Leah's mother. According to the website, Dawn was anxious about her daughter's mental state and arranged for a safe word that would give her carte blanche.

Ashley's Reality Round Up quoted a source from the sets of "Teen Mom 2" who said, "She [Dawn] claims that Leah almost died from stress and anxiety before she went to treatment. She said Leah's blood pressure was sky-high. She didn't want Leah to go to the reunion, but she has to due to her contract."

And the safe word pays off for Leah, as Dr. Drew halts the conversation and states that Leah won't discuss further on the subject of her drug abuse.

In a recent report, Inquisitr claimed that the reality show should have offered fans a bit more truth about Leah's personal life. The article argued, "Teen Mom 2, as well as 16 & Pregnant, are shows meant to show the true lives of these girls, so it's a shame Messer has felt the need to keep things private, and it's an even bigger shame she's reportedly keeping a secret that could have possibly impacted her children."

"Teen Mom 2" Season 6 reunion special airs on Wednesday, 7 October at 9pm on MTV. You can live stream the episode via Live by MTV.

Watch the trailer here: