ABC will air season 4 episode 14 of "Switched at Birth" on Monday, 14 September, and "We Mourn, We Weep, We Love Again" is going to be as dramatic and emotional as it sounds. Every single character in the series is going through some deep and dark moment.

In the previous episode, we saw Regina (Constance Marie) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) meeting Will's mother, and coming to the conclusion that Eric (Terrell Tilford) did the right thing by running away with him. Realising that Eric is a good man, she agrees to move in with him.

While everyone is happy for them, Regina's birth daughter Bay (Vanessa Marano) is deeply affected by the news. She had only just started living close to her mother when she decides to move away. Bay, who is already in a vulnerable place, due to the rape and break-up with Emmett (Sean Beardy), is also upset that Regina did not discuss it with her, and she had to hear of it from her sister Daphne.

Meanwhile, Daphne's birth-parents Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and John (D. W. Moffett), who are struggling financially, look for ways to restructure their finances. They stumble upon the idea of endorsing products and while that may be a great way for them to get out of the spunk, they want their daughter Bay to get a job. So in the coming episode we will also see Bay joining The Cracked Mug as a barista.

Dapne, on the other hand, has joined an ambulance ride-along, so she can become the safety manager of her dorm. She is in for some disturbing events, seeing as she has to bear witness to a man who dies after an accident.

Watch out for season 5 episode 3 of "Switched at Birth" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 14 September. You can also live stream "We Mourn, We Weep, We Love Again" via ABC Go.