ABC's "Switched at Birth" will return with episode 12 on Monday, 31 August, and it will show how Toby reacts to the news that he is going to be a father. "How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You" will also focus on Bay's life after her break-up with Emmett and Daphne's relationship with Mingo.

In the previous episode, we learned along with Daphne (Katie Leclerc) that Lily (Rachel Shenton) is pregnant with Toby's (Lucas Grabeel) child. Although Daphne urges Toby to speak with Lily, he is too heartbroken to face her. However, her insistence forces him to speak with his ex-girlfriend.

The promo for the upcoming episode hints that Toby is not taking the news very well and we do not know if he even knows that the baby has Down Syndrome. He is also seen screaming at Daphne, asking her to back off from his personal life, but if you know Daphne, you know she cannot help bu meddle into the lives of those she loves.

Meanwhile, their parents John (DW Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson) are facing some financial crisis, thanks to their financial adviser. Can they help Toby raise the baby in this condition? He will definitely need their assistance emotionally and financially, in one scene he is seen telling his family that he is afraid.

Switched at Birth - 4x12 Preview PromoThe truth is out and a relationship will reach its breaking point. Don't miss an ALL NEW episode of #SwitchedatBirth on Monday at 8pm/7c on ABC Family!

Posted by Switched at Birth on Monday, 24 August 2015

As Toby deals with his situation, sister Bay (Vanessa Marano) tries to cope with her break-up with Emmett (Sean Berdy) while still dealing with the nightmares of her rape. She notices that people are talking about her behind her back and has public outbursts, but still manages to stay afloat, thanks to Travis (Ryan Lane).

Travis is Emmett's close friend, but believes that the way he treated Bay is wrong. He also holds himself responsible for not keeping an eye out for Bay at the party she got raped. After his break-up with Mary-Beth (BK Cannon), he is very empathetic towards Bay's heartbreak, and they are helping each other move on.

It looks like the two of them may get involved, but the fans are not ready for it. They have more of a sibling relationship, and as Breanna Riggs Smith puts it, "I really hope Bay and Travis stay just friends. Anything else would be awkward!"

On the lighter side of things, Daphne and Mingo's (Adam Hagenbuch) relationship still remains playful and fun, although none of her friends seem to approve of the playboy. In a clip from the upcoming episode, Daphne introduces Mingo to her interpreter, who does not look too impressed with the new man in her life.

However, Mingo tries his best to be friendly and he also has a surprise in store for Daphne. It is adorable that he is trying to cheer up his girlfriend after she lost her merit-based scholarship.

Watch out for Season 4 episode 12 of "Switched at Birth" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 31 August. You can also live stream "How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You" via ABC Go.