After a long break, "Switched at Birth" is returning with season 4 episode 11 on Monday, 24 August, and when it does, we will see how Bay deals with her break-up with Emmett. The new episodes will also spring on us, a surprising pregnancy news and Daphne's fresh relationship with Mingo.

In "To Repel Ghosts", Bay (Vanessa Marano) is still reeling from Emmett's (Sean Berdy) decision to break up. In the mid-season finale, we had seen how Bay had flown to LA to meet her boyfriend, and try and mend their relationship. However, the distance and the presence of a new girl, along with Bay's admission that she partially held herself responsible for sleeping with Tank (Max Adler) after getting drunk, made Emmett change his mind about his relationship with Bay.

Meanwhile, her sister Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is in a fresh new relationship with Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) and is quite happy about it. For the first time since she joined college, Daphne will be seen taking things as they come, and not constantly worrying about her results. However, her friends are not quite happy with her choice, and that would dampen her spirits.

The promo for "To Repel Ghosts" suggests that an unwanted pregnancy would be announced in the series. There are quite a few contestants for this pregnancy, and Regina (Constance Marie) is definitely in it. She has been seeing Eric (Terrell Tilford) for a while now, and they even professed their love so this would be a positive step in their relationship.

It could also be Daphne or Bay, since when the former had sex with Mingo the first time, the condom had slipped off, and when Tank raped Bay, they were both drunk. However, the most likely option is that Toby's (Luca Gabreel) ex-girlfriend Lily (Rachel Shenton) is the one who is pregnant, because in the promo, Toby is seen freaking out, and telling his parents, "I'm scared.. I'm really scared," while choking on tears.

Watch out for season 4 episode 11 of "Switched at Birth" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 24 August. You can also live stream "To Repel Ghosts" via ABC Go.