Suspicious Partner
Actress Nam Ji Hyun as Eun Bong Hee in the SBS drama, Suspicious Partner.Twitter/SBS

Suspicious Partner, the SBS crime thriller series, will be back with episodes 3 and 4 this Thursday, May 11, at 10pm KST. They could feature the female protagonist, Eun Bong Hee, behind bars.

In the first two episodes, the Korean period drama revolved around the life of a successful prosecutor in the Central District Prosecutors' Office named Noh Ji Wook and his relationship with a law student, who becomes his trainee.

The mini-series begins by featuring Nam Ji Hyun's character confronting the male protagonist in a subway and showing him as a pervert in front of other passengers. The two of them meet again at a restaurant and end up spending a night together.

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Both of them had an unpleasant love life in the past and it attracts them to one another. Although the viewers of Suspicious Partner do not really get to know much about Noh Ji Wook's ex-girlfriend, they learn a lot about Eun Bong Hee's former lover.

Suspicious Partner
The K2 star Ji Chang Wook as Noh Ji Wook in SBS crime thriller Suspicious Partner.Twitter/SBS

The prosecutor trainee keeps threatening her ex-boyfriend and she gets a warning from the male protagonist. Towards the end of episode 2, the female lead finds her former lover lying in a pool of blood inside her apartment.

Click here to watch Suspicious Partner episodes 3 and 4 live online. The mini-series will also be available online here.

Suspicious Partner
Suspicious Partner poster.Twitter/SBS

In episode 3 of Suspicious Partner, Nam Ji Hyun's character will probably get imprisoned, as the trailer shows her as a murder suspect. The promo begins by featuring a woman confronting the prosecutor trainee and saying, "You finally killed him. You did."

The footage also shows Eun Bong Hee in a court room and informing the judge that she trusts Noh Ji Wook. "I trust you prosecutor. That prosecutor believes me, that prosecutor is on my side."

Suspicious Partner

But Suspicious Partner episode 4 might feature the betrayal of Ji Chang Wook's character, as the promo shows him saying, "For this reason, the prosecution office makes a final recommendation. Under criminal law 250, for the crime of murder, we expect you to pass down a sentence of 15 years."

Watch the trailer of Suspicious Partner below: