The brutal and competitive life of the castaways in "Survivor" continues as the reality show moves on to Season 31 Episode 4. In the upcoming episode, which will be aired by CBS on Wednesday, 14 October, we will see one castaway from each tribe competing in a gut-wrenching challenge that will determine which of the contestants will be sent to the tribal council.

In the previous episode of "Survivor" Season 31, we saw the newly formed Angkor tribe being sent to the tribal council, and in an unlikely turn of event, Tasha and Andrew (initially Bayon) become the determining factors of the vote out.

In the end, Peih-Gee was sent home by her tribe, making Angkor not only weak in terms of supplies and food, but also in terms of number of members. In the coming episode, we will see Ankor struggling to keep up with the rest of the castaways due to lack of energy and spirit.

So far, Jeremy of Bayon tribe and Kelley of Ta Kao have an immunity idol each. Will either of them have to use the idol and save themselves from the vote-out so early in the game?

It is understood that two of the castaways will have to beg their fellow-contestant to keep them in the game. Who will be the contestants to beg for survival?

Find it out in Season 31 Episode 4 of "Survivor: Cambodia" when CBS airs it at 8.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 14 October. You can also live stream "What's the beef?" via CBS Live.