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"Suits" Season 6 episode 5 titled "Trust" will see the consequences of Mike's (Patrick J Adam) decision to take up Cahill's (Neal McDonough) offer. The news gets out that Mike is planning on selling Kevin (Erik Palladino) and obviously in prison this is not met with the best of responses.

As fans saw in the previously aired Season 6 episode 4 "Turn," Rachel (Meghan Markle) made Mike realise that he needs to take whatever offer he can get to leave prison early. In the promo, it looks like Mike shares this information with Julius (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), his psychologist. The next thing you see is Mike getting cornered on every side.

"I made a deal to get out of here early," Mike says, to which Julius asks, "What kind of deal?" Mike explains that it involves him informing on someone. As we all know, that someone in this case is Kevin, his only friend in prison. Kevin saved Mike's life earlier this season, and it would be really sad to see Mike turning on someone like that. However, he has a life outside of prison and that is where he needs to be.

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Kevin catches wind of the fact that Mike is not completely honest with him. "Something's going on here and I can tell," he tells Mike in the promo. Even if Mike manages to convince him everything is fine for the time being, he will learn the truth sooner or later. The promo ends with Mike being taken away to solitary confinement and the former lawyer asking his roommate "What did you do?"

The official synopsis for Season 5 episode 6 of "Suits" reads: "Mike tries to gain Kevin's trust; Harvey enacts a risky plan; Jessica tries to mend the firm's reputation; Rachel hits a roadblock; Louis enlists Donna's help."

Don't forget to watch "Trust" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, Aug. 3. You can also live-stream "Suits" Season 6 episode 5 via USA TV Live and Hulu.