Who sold Mike out will be revealed throughout the course of the remaining episodes in season 5 of "Suits"
Who sold Mike out will be revealed throughout the course of the remaining episodes in season 5 of "Suits"Facebook/Suits

It has been around five months since Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) was arrested and while fans are desperate to learn about his fate, "Suits" will take its own sweet time in unravelling the truth behind the arrest. According to creator Aaron Korsh, the answer to "Who sold Mike out?" will not be revealed when "Suits" returns with season 5 episode 11 "Blowback" on Wednesday, 27 January.

As expected, Mike's friends at Pearson Specter Litt will be doing everything they can to save Mike from doing time. In one of the promos for "Blowback", Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is even seen telling Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope), the attorney that got Mike arrested, that he could hand over Mike's resignation letter to her, if she were to waive the charges against him.

Gibbs, however, does not believe Harvey's verbal promise that Mike will never practice law again. "You give me that letter and I'll waive his pay," she offers Harvey in return. She also reveals that she is planning on freezing all of Mike's assets and that he will not even be granted bail.

Donna (Sarah Rafferty), too, is concerned about Mike, but her current boss, Louis (Rick Hoffman) warns her against going to meet him or Harvey. Louis also asks Donna to count her blessings that she does not work with Harvey or Mike anymore and that if she were to interact with them, she would be the next in the list of people Gibbs goes after.

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However, why is Gibbs going after Mike so passionately? According to show runner Korsh, she is very much like Harvey, and is not someone that does everything by the books. She, in fact, likes to straddle the gray area of the justice system every now and then. "What she does not do is do anything that's flat-out illegal. She kind of works in the gray. She's got her own moral code. She's not to be trifled with," Korsh told Yahoo TV.

The reason for Gibbs' interest in putting Mike behind the bars, along with the identity of the person that put Mike behind the bars, will be revealed in the next few episodes of "Suits" season 5. However, it will not happen immediately.

"We are not going to find out 'who done it' in the first episode. I like to think it's a surprising person, but I'm sure people will say they saw it coming. It's not like a big bombshell being dropped necessarily," Korsh said before adding, "The consequences of who it is play out over the course of the back six, not just in the episode where it is revealed."

Meanwhile, you can vote for the person you think sold Mike out in the USA Network website. 

Watch season 5 episode 11 of "Suits" at 10.00 pm (EST) on USA Network. You can also live stream "Blowback" via USA Live TV or Hulu.