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There seems to be little hope of finding peace between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravanel. In the latest instalment, Season 3 episode 4 titled "Birds of a Feather," Kathryn suffers a major health scare after things get ugly between her and partner Thomas Ravanel a.k.a T-Rav.

Kathryn has been alienated from the group ever since Season 3 of the Bravo TV reality series premiered. She seems to have made more enemies than friends. Kathyrn realises this when Craig and Landon receive a frantic phone call informing them that the reality star had to get admitted because she started bleeding after a verbal spat with T-Rav.

Although Craig Conover is concerned, Landon Clements is impervious to Kathyrn's condition. She tells the cameras that she isn't bothered about what happened.

"Here we go again. There's always this drama, it's like, oh she's in the hospital. You know, people go to the hospital every day," she adds.

Cast member Craig seems to differ though and remains more empathetic towards Kathryn. While appearing on Watch What Happened Live, he added that he will always stand up for the underdog and Kathryn seems to be sidelined, reported Reality Tea.

In episode 4 of the TV show, the cast members assemble at Patricia's flamingo party and more drama ensues. Although it isn't clear who starts it, Thomas is seen shouting, and suffice it to say that the night doesn't end well for anyone.

Season 2 episode 4's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

"Kathryn's pregnancy complications motivate Thomas to co-sign a lease on her new house, but her claims come under scrutiny. Also, Cameran contemplates seeing a therapist, and dramas swirl around Thomas at a flamingo party."

"Southern Charm" Season 2 episode 4 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Monday, April 25, on Bravo TV. You can live-stream the episode via Bravo TV's website.