Sonu Nigam
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Sonu Nigam, who has been impressing fans with his voice for long, recently did the same but without letting people know his identity. The versatile singer was disguised as a beggar, carried a harmonium and sang for hours on the streets of Mumbai.

Created by "Being Indian" and titled "The Roadside Ustaad," the video shows Sonu in the disguise of a poor old man, sitting at a corner of a street and singing some of his own songs. While he looked completely unrecognisable, some pedestrians were amused and stopped to hear him sing.

One of the listeners even recorded Sonu's voice on his mobile phone and secretly handed him some money, asking if he had breakfast. While his roadside audience remained ignorant of the fact that it was Sonu himself singing before them, he said it was an amazing experience for him as it made him realise that happiness is everywhere and one should appreciate the present instead of worrying about the future.

The concluding part of the video also shows a glimpse of one of the concerts of Sonu. The video has gone viral after the singer shared it on Twitter saying, "My most uninhibited & surreal crooning experience ever. Thank u @Beingind for Being Responsible for all this :) [sic]." Sonu has been trending on Facebook too as the video garnered overwhelming response and is being shared all over social media. Check the video titled "The Roadside Ustaad" below: