Sister Wives
Kody Brown's second wife Janelle.Facebook/Sister Wives

The drama in the Brown family gets highlighted in the latest episode of "Sister Wives." In Season 7 episode 2 titled "Confessions and Polygamy Perks" Janelle and Meri seek help in order to reduce the tension in their relationship.

Janelle and Meri's relationship, however tumultuous, has been guided by a bond that's not just biological, but one that's emotional as well. The sisters will try and make their bond stronger by spilling their honest opinion and in the process, bring to light the differences between them.

Before they embark on therapy, Christine says in a sneak peak clip, "I'm totally excited they're going to go into therapy together. For them, it's really exciting. It's good. It's a big, huge, scary step. It really is."

The promo video for Season 7 episode 2 released by People, includes a scene in which the two are at their family therapist Nancy Hunterton's office. Although Meri says that she wants to focus on the past, Janelle's reluctance makes her change her mind.

The two agree that they will focus on the present and the future status of their relationship. For this to happen, the sisters have to take part in an activity they collectively detest: role reversal.

When Janelle talks like Meri, she says, "You know when I have to say something, you just shut down. You act like you're not interested or you're not paying attention to me. You just sit there and blow me off."

Meri's reaction to this is touching. She seems to empathise with her sister and tells the therapist that she doesn't have a sympathetic ear whenever she wants to talk about her problems. However, how will the rest of the therapy go? What does Meri have to say? Will the two learn to appreciate each other at the end of their therapy session? Perhaps this will be revealed when episode 2 airs.

"Sister Wives" Season 7 episode 2 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, May 15, on TLC. You can live-stream the episode via Discovery Go.