Sharkeisha Fighting video
Sharkeisha gained instant notoriety after millions of shocked viewers watch her sucker punch her victim in a viral video.

A girl named Sharkeisha has become an overnight internet sensation, thanks to a video gone viral. The video that was uploaded on Instagram a week ago contains footage of Sharkeisha brutally assaulting another girl, Shay.

The video was first uploaded on Instragram and went viral once it went up on Twitter.

In the video, Sharkeisha is speaking to Shay and is seen punching Shay during the conversation. Sharkeisha continued hitting and kicking the girl as she lay crouched on the ground. The girls' friends quickly stepped in to stop the fight, but not before Shay was severely hurt. Sharkeisha is seen yelling at Shay while being held back and it is believed that the fight started over a boy. 

A user called Queen Sharkeisha on Twitter has claimed the identity of the attacker in the video and explained that after the night of the attack her Twitter followers have jumped from modest 400 to a whopping 2500.

There are several theories doing the rounds about the identity of the attacker as well as the reason behind it. It is now being said that the attacker's name is Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson and she belongs to North Carolina, reported The Hollywood Life.

Some reports also suggest that she was arrested and subsequently released on $500 bond, once the police heard of the video. An unconfirmed mug shot of Sharkeisha is now available online and she is also said to be under an investigation for driving the victim to try and kill herself.

What has shocked people more than the brutality seen in the video, is the time that it took Instragram and Twitter to take down the video from their site. The video was online for nearly 22 hours even though these sites specifically mention that they do not encourage posts that are "violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive."

Although, the video has been taken down by both Twitter and Instagram, the full video can still be found on, proving that the internet has made it truly impossible to keep something hidden.