The sharks, or venture capitalists as they are better known, have been privy to a range of interesting products on Season 7. In last week's episode, the sharks got to view a drone built by xCraft. And as expected, the sharks battled with one other to invest in J.D. Claridge's company.

In this week's episode, the sharks welcome a new member to their team. In Episode 6, Chris Sacca, former Google executive and one of the largest investors in companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter, makes a guest appearance. 

According to the synopsis for Episode 6, he gets into a heated argument with fellow cast member, Lori Greiner over a tech education business. But Sacca will also listen to pitches made by other participants. Among them is a presentation made for a rental property business based on Airbnb model. But "Rent Like a Champion" differs in that people can choose properties close to a university. This, we predict, would be ideal for people who travel to watch a university sporting event. 

Apart from this, the sharks will also listen to a pitch made for a coffee in a can business model. From the promo, we predict that the sharks aren't excited about it. At one point in the promo, Sacca says, "I can't tell if you are pitching or asking for therapy." 

Carter Matt's synopsis for episode 6 reads: 

"Former Google executive and billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, best known for being among the earliest and largest investors in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter, joins the Tank as a Guest Shark. He finds himself in a heated battle with Lori Greiner over a tech education business that's right up his alley, started by two impressive sisters from Pomona, CA. Two sports fans from Chicago, IL have a specialized version of a popular home rental website; an entrepreneur from Bayside, NY has a unique twist on everyone's favorite hot drink; and an inventor from Portland, OR has developed a revolutionary device that can inflate objects in mere seconds. Also, an update on Lydia Evans from Houston, TX, who failed to secure a deal in the Tank during Season Six for SWAG Essentials, her loofah soap company." 

"Shark Tank" Season 7 Episode 6 airs on Friday, 30 October at 9pm on ABC. You can live stream the episode online via ABC GO.

Watch the promo for episode 6 here: