Things return to normal in the upcoming episode of "Shark Tank." As far as we can tell, there will be no guest appearance. The cast includes Daymond John and it looks like Barbara Corcoran will not appear on episode 8. Although things do look like they're back to normal, there's one big event that's taken place. The sharks visit the President of the United States, Barack Obama and Daymond, one of the cast members, receives Presidential Ambassadorship.

The upcoming episode appears to be slightly different, in that, the products attempt to solve a problem and are not solely commodity based.

The four products that will be pitched to the sharks are AfreSHeet, a sheet that you can peel if you have dirtied it. The other products include GripClean, PolarPro and Unshrinkit.

If you're wondering what these products do, we'll break it down for you. GripClean, a hand soap contains dirt that works as an defoliant. Furthermore, PolarPro sells accessories for GoPro.

We're really excited about the last product, Unshrinkit, which attempts to restore clothes to it's normal size if it is shrunk after a wash. "It's a patent-pending mixture that, if you follow the directions, can actually restore a beloved wool sweater back to its original size," reports Carter Matt.

If they pitch the product well, we can imagine Lori Greiner making her first bid.

The synopsis for episode 8 reads:

"In this special episode, "Shark Tank" features all millennial entrepreneurs. A man from New York City hopes to win over the Sharks with a product he believes is essential in every college dorm room; two Harvard grads have developed a special formula to transform shrunken sweaters back to their original sizes and a surfer dude from Newport Beach, California surprises the Sharks with a lucrative proposition. Also, the Sharks are invited to The White House to meet President Barack Obama and Daymond John is honored with a Presidential Ambassadorship."

"Shark Tank" season 7, episode 8 airs on Friday, 13 November at 9pm on ABC. You can live stream the episode via ABC GO

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