The venture capitalists on ABC's reality TV show, "Shark Tank" are some of the fiercest and toughest investors one will ever find. Therefore, it is fitting that they are called sharks. In the previous episode, the sharks almost gobbled up and made one entrepreneur nervous when tried to make his product, EZPeeZ, look attractive. Kevin said, "This is a bad idea. Brian, let's close the lid on this." 

However, things seem to look up and interest the sharks in episode 5. In the preview clip for the latest episode, we see Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Daymond John battle it out to invest in a product that's caught their attention. In the promo, Kevin says, "That's music to my ears." 

If you are wondering the product is, it is a drone. Xcraft drone company makes a pitch to invest in a drone that takes off like a helicopter and flies like an aircraft, reported Venture Beat. 

"Manning is also well-known in mobile app circles as the chief executive of Kochava. He met Claridge, an aerospace engineer, and agreed to mentor him for the purpose of commercializing Claridge's designs. They formed a company in 2014 and currently have a team of six in Sandpoint, Idaho," the website reported.

Although the company's founder JD Claridge and Charles Manning pique the interest of the sharks, it remains to be seen who gets to invest in the product. Daymond John offers $1 million for 25% equity while Lori Greiner makes an offer for $1 million at 20% equity. At which point, one of the sharks says, "Should we go out and talk about it?"

Season 7, episode 5 of "Shark Tank" will also include several pitches by other entrepreneurs. 

TV Guide released the synopsis for episode 5, which reads: 

"The Sharks bid over the asking price for one product; another pitch elicits a negative response; and two different entrepreneurs try to attract bids for a full-length mirror designed to build self-esteem and redefined drones. Also: Parents from Salem, Mass., try to manage excess Halloween candy; a duo from Pacific Palisades, Cal., make the panel swoon with their premium beef jerky; and Lori Grenier offers an update on her investment in the New York City-based Bantam Bagels."

"Shark Tank" season 7, episode 5 airs on Friday, 23 October at 9pm on ABC. You can watch it live via ABC GO

Click here to watch the preview clip for episode 5.