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The latest instalment of "Shahs of Sunset" will focus on the rift between Reza Farahan and MJ Javid. When the former announces his plans for a surprise wedding with Adam Neely, his best friend doesn't support him, according to the synopsis (via TV  Guide) for Season 5 episode 2.

In "C'est la Vida," MJ faces problems of her own. The real-estate agent not only has a fight with Reza, but also has another difficult meeting with her mother. The summary says she gets ready to introduce the new love of her life, her pet, to her mother. However, MJ's mom has never really taken a keen interest in her daughter's life, and there's nothing confirm on whether she will be particularly enchanted by MJ's new pet.

This lack of interest might most probably affect MJ, who is completely besotted with her new pet after the death of Pablo.

Meanwhile, Asa Soltan's new business gives her pangs of anxiety. The Persian pop-princess, who revealed in episode 1 she's started a kaftan business, meets some unexpected hurdles in the latest episode. However, she always finds support from her family or Reza, and we doubt if her support system will change in episode 2.

While all the cast members go through problems of their own, it is perhaps Mike's marriage problems that seem to be the worst. His marriage to Jessica Paridy seems stressful, and according to the summary, the cracks in their marriage begin to appear.

"Shahs of Sunset" Season 5 episode 2 airs 9 P.M. EST on Sunday, April 17 on Bravo TV. You can live-stream the episode via Bravo TV's website.