If fans of the fantasy book series, "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare, wondered whether the new ABC Family series would remain true to the novel or not, they should be adviced not to worry. The showrunners have managed to deliver a TV series that retains the spirit of the books, while taking small liberties with the plot.

"Shadowhunters", which follows the life of Clary (Katherine McNamara) -- a part angel and part human, captures the fight between forces of evil and the good samaritans who still exist. This battle will resonate in episode 2 as well.

In the season premiere of "Shadowhunters", 18-year-old Clary is told that she is not a normal teenager. Her mother Jocelyn, who protects the "Mortal Cup", is in danger from a villainous character called Valentine. She gets kidnapped and it is up to Clary to find her mother and keep her safe.

In episode 2, Clary enlists the help of her friends, Jace, Alec (Matthew Daddario), Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) and the rest of the crew. They embark on a mission to find her mom.

Meanwhile, Valentine is on the prowl and he will be relentless until he finds Clary. The promo for the upcoming episode hints at another kidnapping. Valentine will take Clary's confidant Dorothea and lock her up. In return, he asks her to reverse Jocelyn's spell, but she doesn't help.

However, can Clary help her friend?

Season 1 episode 2's synopsis reads:

Clary scrambles to find a way to rescue her kidnapped mother. She quickly learns that a fallen Shadowhunter, Valentine, is to blame and he believe Clary can find him the mystical Mortal Cup.

"Shadowhunters" season 1 episode 2 titled "The descent into hell isn't easy" will be aired on Tuesday, 19 January, at 9pm on Freeform. You can live stream the episode here.

Watch the promo below: