Seven Day Queen, the KBS historical drama that is also known as Queen For Seven Days, will be back with episode 18 this Thursday, July 27, at 10pm KST. This chapter could feature the demise of Lee Yoong.

King Yeonsangun crossed all his limits and became a monster. He started torturing and killing people. Prince Jinseong Daegun could not just sit and watch all the evil moves of his half-brother. He gathered people to move against the King and reclaim the throne.

With the help of Minister Park Won Jong and other officials, the male protagonist met Dowager Queen Jasun. He also had a conversation with Shin Chae Kyung but did not let her know about his plans to dethrone the King.

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Seven Day Queen
Will Lee Yoong meet his demise?KBS

A large crowd is moving towards the palace. They are just waiting for the Prince's command to attack the King. The promo shows a showdown between the soldiers and rebels.

Shortly before Lee Yeok enters the King's chamber, concubine Lady Suk Won Jang Nok Soo identifies him and informs Lee Yoong about his presence. The footage then shows the female lead becoming the victim of the rivalry between the royal brothers.

Seven Day Queen
Lee Yeok's revenge plot takes a tragic turn in the upcoming episodes of Seven Day Queen.KBS

When Chae Kyung asks the King, "You cannot even control how you feel. Why do you try to control other people's lives?" he says, "Did I not warn you already? I can kill you at any time. I will kill you to have you."

The video also shows a heated argument between the royal siblings and hints at the demise of Lee Yoong. Will Lee Yeok kill his elder brother to reclaim the throne and protect his loved ones?

Click here to watch Seven Day Queen episode 18 live online on KBS2 tonight at 10 pm KST. Korean drama lovers can also watch the mini-series online here.

Watch the trailer below: