Seven Day Queen, the KBS fictional drama also known as Queen For Seven Days, returns with episode 11 this Wednesday, July 5, at 10pm KST. It will continue to focus on the rivalry between Lee Yeok and Lee Yoong.

The royal brothers are using Minister Shin Soo Geun's daughter, Shin Chae Kyung, to move against each other. While Prince Jinseong Daegun wants to control his half brother with the female lead's help, King Yeonsangun wants the title character to spy on his sibling.

Park Min Young's character is really confused. She tried her best to come up with a solution for the misunderstanding between the royal brothers. But she ended up getting entangled in a love triangle. What will she do now?

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Seven Day Queen
Will the royal brother team up together against their rivals?KBS

According to a Twitter poll conducted by International Business Times India Edition, an impressive 60 percent of the participants said that wedding is on the cards for the onscreen couple.

However, 16 percent of those who participated in the poll said that the female lead will ignore the royal brothers. A section of fans is also looking forward to a team up between King Yeonsangun and Minister Shin Soo Geun's daughter. They believe that the title character will betray her lover.

Click here to watch Seven Day Queen episode 11 live online on KBS2 tonight at 10 pm KST. Korean drama lovers can also watch the mini-series online here.

Seven Day Queen
Will Lee Yoong set another trap for Lee Yeok?Youtube/Screenshot

The promo shows Lee Yoong indirectly challenging Lee Yeok and using the title character for his revenge. "Since he is picking a fight with me, I should react to him. Oh, sure, I would not kill you. Your mask is getting thicker and thicker. Once she takes your mask off, she will feel more emotionally betrayed," Lee Dong Gun's character says in the video.

The footage also shows Prince Jinseong Daegun urging his people to execute their plans as quickly as possible. But Minister Shin Soo Geun seems to be really worried about his daughter. "The destiny of my Chae Kyung in his hands," he tells the Prince.

Watch the trailer below: