Grammys to inculde streaming-only albums; Pictured: Beyonce performs Reuters

Pop star Beyonce recently released a new music video for "Sorry," a song from her latest album "Lemonade." Directed by the singer and Khalil Joseph, the black and white video features a special cameo by tennis star Serena Williams.

The video, which was originally a part of the visual album broadcast by HBO earlier this year, begins with the singer reciting a poem as women clad in tribal make-up start to groove to the music in a bus. As Beyonce finishes reciting the poem, the song begins in full flow with visuals of an old mansion.

The scene then moves on to Williams who is seen swaying to the rhythms as Beyonce sings the song and watches her while being perched on a throne. The singer is also seen singing the song on the bus carrying the women wearing tribal make-up. The clip ends with the singer dancing in front of the bus and delivering her infamous Becky reference.

Upon its initial release in April, the song had caused a controversy. Its lyrics hinted on a possible affair Beyonce's husband Jay Z might have had, especially the line, "He better call Becky with the good hair." Some fans of the singer suspected designer Rachel Roy and also singer Rita Ora to be the person whom Jay Z had an affair with. But both the celebrities eventually denied the accusations.