The finale episode of "Scream Queens" will be aired on Tuesday, 8 December, and after 11 episodes worth of sweet torture, the identity of the Red Devil will finally be revealed. The Fox show will celebrate it with a two-hour finale titled "Dorkus" and "The Final Girl(s)".

Although we are still confused about the person behind the red mask, we will try to identify him or her using the police line-up method. The line-up is based on the most popular fan theories as to who the killer is:

  • Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) – We know Chanel #5 isn't as naïve or innocent as she seems, and is quite adept at lying. Seeing as she is #5, she could be the youngest Chanel there, making her the approximately-20-year-old daughter of sorority sister Sophia, who died in 1995.
    Another obvious reason is she has had far too many close escapes from the clutches of Red Devil for it to now be considered luck or coincidence.
    Chanel's animated anger on hearing Boone's (Nick Jonas) decision to join the sorority could be explained as her cover to hide their partnership.
    And most importantly, as most fans put it, the Oscar-nominated actress is not going to join a TV show just to be a minion. She definitely has a meaty role, and we are waiting for it to be exposed.
  • Chanel #6 aka Hester (Lea Michele) – As we all know, Hester was as unpopular as they get at the beginning of "Scream Queens", but was taken under her wing by Chanel. Initially, she used to dress in the same 90s' style as Gigi (Nasim Pedrad), meaning she could have been raised and trained by her.
    The one person that has not really faced an attack is Chad (Glen Powell), and we all know Chanel #6 and he have been getting cosy.
  • Melanie Dorkus (Brianne Howey) – As former president of the KKT, Melanie holds quite a huge grudge against Chanel (Emma Roberts), who not only usurped her position but also allegedly assaulted her. Many fans theorise that Boone could be her brother, and is assisting her in her mission of revenge.
    Viewers will also remember how Gigi was the one that stood up for the KKT when Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) threatened to shut it down. She is probably loyal to the previous president and was hoping to avenge her from the inside.