A lot depends on Grace (Skylar Samuels) in this week's episode. The university student, who has embraced her detective skills, will embark on a mission to find the identity of the Red Devil, responsible for several killings on the Wallace University campus.  But will Grace's mission prove successful?

We predict that the university student might find some insight, but it depends on how strong she really is. In the previous episode, Grace still thought of herself as a bathtub baby. Last week, she realised that she shares a lot of similarities with her sorority sister Chanel (Emma Roberts).

The upcoming episode will also include Boon. Grace is shocked upon seeing him. She says: "You faked your death?"

However, it appears that Boon's (Nick Jonas) presence on the campus is not bereft of a motive. In the promo for Episode 9, he talks about revenge and says Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) is not the right person for their group.

The synopsis for Episode 9, titled, "Ghost Stories" reads:

Denise does little to calm the Kappas' fears when she spins a terrifying ghost story. Meanwhile, Hester's shocking announcement pushes Chanel to the edge, and a familiar face returns to campus as the Red Devil claims another victim.

"Scream Queens" Episode 9 airs on Tuesday, 17 November, at 9 pm on Fox. You can live-stream the episode via FOX NOW.  

 Watch the promo for episode 9 here: