American television series "Scorpion" will be back on CBS with the premiere episode of season 2 titled "Satellite of Love" at 9pm on Monday, 21 September. The sequel is likely to revolve around the twists and turns in Walter O'Brien (Elyes Gabel) and Paige Dineen's (Katharine McPhee) lives.

The official synopsis of episode 1 indicates that McPhee's character will find it hard to hide her feelings for the leader of Team Scorpion after hospital footage reveals she kissed him. The two will have to face their feelings for each other.

However, the creators may not immediately treat viewers with a romance as Gabel's character does not believe in love and emotion. So he could probably take some time to accept her feelings and fans might see them together in episode 2 titled "Cuba Libre".

Since the description of the next sequel does not have any details about Walter and Paige, followers of the show will have to wait until 28 September for any details on their relationship.

Meanwhile, the premiere episode titled "Satellite of Love" might take viewers to California as Team Scorpion tries to divert a nuclear-powered Russian satellite, which is knocked out of orbit.

After successfully diverting the satellite before it detonates over Southern California, the team will head to Cuba with a new mission in episode 2.

So "Scorpion" fans can tune in to CBS at 9pm on Monday, 21 September, to catch up with Walter and his team in the premiere episode of season 2 titled "Satellite of Love", which will be live streamed here.