"Schitt's Creek" brought a fresh whiff of humorous breath with it when it premiered in 2015. After airing 10 episodes in CBC, the brilliant comedy series went on a hiatus and now, a year later, the Levy family comedy is returning with season 2 episode 1 "Finding David".

In the season 1 finale, a devastated David (Dan Levy) was seen fleeing Schitt's Creek after Stevie (Emily Hampshire) told him that she has feelings for him and that the situation between them would worsen if she went with him to New York. David had offered to take her with him when he learned that his father Johnny (Eugene Levy) found a potential buyer for the town.

The Roses has hoped that with the money from the sale, they could return to New York and get back on their feet. However, the sale did not go as planned, after the potential buyer died from a heart attack just as he was about to sign the documents.

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David and Alexis do not know that the sale has not happened and have made decisions thinking it was their last day in Schitt's Creek. The first episode of the upcoming season will see the Roses looking for David who has taken off without informing anyone.

It does look like David and Stevie's relationship is over, or at least it has taken a hit. However, his sister seems to have found love in Mutt (Tim Rozon). She is still technically engaged to Ted (Dustin Milligan) and he has no idea that she only said yes to marrying because she thought she could live on his money rather than with her parents who have lost everything.

She, however, does seem to have a connection with Mutt who has denounced his family and his birth right to be the mayor of Schitt's Creek. In the finale, Alexis confronts Mutt about his feelings for her, and the two sleep with each other. From the official synopsis it is clear that they take their relationship to the "next level" despite her engagement.

Watch out for Season 2 Episode 1 of "Schitt's Creek" at 9/9:30 pm (NT) on Tuesday, 12 January. You can also live stream "Finding David" via CBC player.