Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen was lucky to be unharmed after crashing with Fernando Alonso in the first lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.Reuters

The Austrian Grand Prix started off on disastrous note with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen and McLaren's Fernando Alonso involved in a huge crash during the first lap of the race.

It was a relief to see both drivers coming out of their respective cockpits unscathed. The crash looked horrible on TV.

Initially when they crashed into the barriers, the accident looked nasty as Alonso's car was over Raikkonen's Ferrari and things could have got worse, but luckily both the drivers walked away from their cars on their feet.

The race was just into the second corner when the accident took place, which also led to the introduction of the safety car.

Alonso explained as to what exactly transpired in the second corner. "I made a lot of places in turns one and two – I was 14th or something. Kimi was with the prime tyres and he exited turn two with a lot of wheelspin and so his car was moving," Sky Sports F1 quoted Alonso as saying.

Raikkonen's car was moving to the left constantly after the wheelspin.

"We were all overtaking him, left and right, and at one point he lost the car to the left – and I was on the left."

With Alonso' car being above Raikkonen's Ferrari, the latter should consider himself lucky for not being struck on the head, which could have been fatal.

"We both went in the wall and I was lucky not to hit him on the head because, looking at the replay, I was obviously braking, but my wheels were in the air.

"Luckily we're both fine. It was a very strange incident – very low grip."

With this crash, their hopes of securing any points vanished as they could not even complete a single lap.

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg drove a wonderful race, meanwhile, defeating Lewis Hamilton, who started in pole position, to clinch the Austrian Grand Prix. This is Nico Rosberg's third race win of the 2015 F1 season.

Despite a second place finish, Lewis Hamilton stands at the top of the driver's standings with 169 points followed by teammate Rosberg with 159 points. In the constructors' championship, Mercedes lead with 328 points.

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