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This Thursday, Season 5 of "Scandal" will wind up with the episode "That's My Girl" and it looks like President Fitz will learn about Olivia's abortion. The promo shows Abby telling something to the president and an agitated Fitz replies that it's a lie. Has Abby finally spilled the beans on Olivia's abortion?

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes had earlier said that she wasn't sure if the abortion will be addressed in the show. The abortion scene was praised by a lot of viewers with many pointing out that what Olivia did with her body was her business and she had no obligation to tell Fitz about their unborn child. Olivia's abortion was discussed during a PaleyFest Q&A and a fan questioned Rhimes if Fitz will eventually learn about Olivia's abortion.

"My question is, does he have to?" Rhimes replied, according to Entertainment Weekly. "A woman made a choice about her body that she legally has the right to make. I haven't actually decided, but I wonder sometimes. We talk about it a lot."

Previewing the finale, actress Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie Grant on the show, hinted that the finale will be a jaw-dropping one. "The season finale is nothing any of us could have anticipated or expected," Young told In Style. "It sets up Season 6 so brilliantly-and it is really a jaw-dropper. I think we're just bringing it home beautifully," she added.

The promo also shows Jake and Cyrus separately asking Olivia for help. CLICK HERE to watch the episode live online.

The official synopsis for "That's My Girl" (via Spoiler TV) reads:

As each presidential candidate gets ready to announce their running mate, Olivia finds herself in a potentially dire situation. Meanwhile, Cyrus is presented with damaging information that could alter the presidential race entirely, on the season finale

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on the ABC Television Network.